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April 13 (nst) The Church honors the memory of St. Iona, Metropolitan of Moscow. In Pokrovskaya on April 13 (nst) the Church honors the memory of Saint Iona, Metropolitan of Moscow.

In Moscow and other Russian cities, anciently ustroilis Miserable houses, or Scutelnicu, following the example of the village (fields) scutelnicu in Jerusalem for the burial of the strange, i.e. the Jews who came from distant countries to worship God in the temple of Jerusalem and, in case of a sudden death, naimisha there are special cemeteries.In Russia, such places were called scutelnicu, miserable houses, gelnique, Bovidae and gnomai; in the delivered there sheds with amnicum were brought and laid the body of the poor, Strannik, caught by a sudden and violent death, while others, admonished before the death of St. Secrets buried in churches.

From the former Squalid houses, replaced by the Pokrovsky monastery, we will move on to the holiday in memory of the miraculous appearance of the mother of God St. Andrew Christ for the sake of the Holy fool and his disciple St. Epiphany in the Constantinople Church of Blachernae 911. Not alien to the purpose of the description of the intercession monastery we believe to say a few words about the image of the divine vision, the former St. Andrew Christ for the sake of the fool, the origin of the Slavs, the establishment of the feast of the Intercession in Russia and the ancient churches built in memory of this miracle.

When the churches were multiplied in Moscow in honor of this feast of the Mother of God, it was founded, in fact, the ancient Grand Duke's monastery in the Garden of the White City, the royal Pokrovsky on the Wretched Houses behind the Earthen rampart, at the Semenovskaya outpost, and according to the report of the Izmailovsky regiment's lieutenant regiment of Ensign Pavlov in 1763, about the church's commissions - near Kolomna, that the present Pokrovskaya, or Semenovskaya outpost, five versts from the city. The original founder of the Bozhedomsky Intercession Monastery was Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich.

The churches on the western side are surrounded by a cemetery, the contents in the proper order. The graves of the dead are here on God's nave, under the protection of the Mother of God and under the cross.

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